Help KLANG repair his ship and
return safely to planet Fendaar

In a galaxy nearby, right about now, a spaceship has collided with some asteroids and is out of control. Crash landing on Earth in a tiny town in Scotland called Auchterkrankie, the clumsy alien robot pilot ‘Klang’ finds himself stranded without any means to get back to his home, planet Fendaar.

That’s where YOU come in!

Help Klang track down and find the parts he needs to fix his ship, surprisingly things found here on Earth are ideal - which is handy.

But beware, Klang is a bit confuddled by roads and cars - his cosmic circuits detect danger! And if that wasn’t enough, his rather spectacular landing has attracted the attention of evil secret agents who want to track down Klang too – but it’s highly unlikely they’ll help him get anywhere safely…

KLANG: The Road Home is now available on iPhone, iPad & Android for free!

Hide Klang's ship from evil enemy agents... Help Klang pay attention and spot the hazards when cross roads... Help Klang find parts for ship...

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